What People Like You Think About Me

“In my experience, I’ve found that solid concepting and copy talent are hard to find in a single person. Danny is one of those guys. Creative work delivered on time and on budget. What else can I say? He’s a damn nice guy, too.”
–Rich Sullivan, President
Sullivan-St. Clair Marketing/Public Relations
(Now Red Square Agency)

“Danny is one of the best copywriters I have worked with. The value of his work is top notch. I can really recommend this guy.”
Valentin Yeo, Partner, Product    Development, SEO and Usability
Cosantis GmbH (Germany)

“Danny had a great attitude as I quickly gave him some writing tasks in the middle of a tornado of activity. I pointed to his story sources and let him go. I appreciate his work and willingness to read my mind.”
–Ken Nichols, Energen/Alagasco [Birmingham, AL]

“Danny is an exemplary copy writer as well as good friend. Danny’s skills go beyond mere words on a page, extending to thought-provoking ideas for new ventures and avenues to reach the larger audience. I have worked with Danny on several projects and he is always professional, courteous, and thorough. I highly recommend Danny.”
–Chris Redding, Redding Development, LLC. [Birmingham, AL]

“Danny was great! Danny was very creative and put into words what we could only think about. Words can not describe just how creative he was and how helpful. Thanks Danny!!!!”
–Harry Mahler, Healthy Choice Home Care [Knightdale, NC]

Hey Danny! Jim and I both loved it…I received “greatness” out of the gate!!!! Can’t beat that!!!!
–Lani Ashner, Sr. Account Executive
LWT Communications (Now Stamp Idea Group)

“Let me know if these guys [my former employers] aren’t treating you right. There’s a spot here waiting for you if you ever decide to jump ship.”

–Judy Randall, President
Randall Travel Marketing

Copywriter of the Year
Montgomery Advertising Federation

Thanks again for all of your help! We could not have done so much in such a short period of time without you.
–Cindy Scott, Business Development
LWT Communications

“I think that is a fantastic idea…. I love it…this is a great concept.”
–Linda Lewis, Principal
Lewis Advertising

“I worked with Danny in the same office for a few years. In that time he never once plotted to kill me, that I know of. He did write some great pieces of copy. He’s also a great sounding board for ideas. I’d call him a “character copywriter,” in the way some thespians are “character actors.” He learns about every client or business he writes about. Kind of like Peter Sellers without the annoying character traits.”
–Wally Hitchcock, Creative Director
RedSquare Marketing [Mobile, AL]