A Day In The Life “At The Office.”

There are people who think they think outside the box. Then there are people who do think outside the box. Then there are people like us who understand the truth… there is no box. Take my office… for today anyway.

First, there’s the grand entryway that makes a bold statement right off the bat

The high ceilings and wood paneling really inspire the sense of something grandiose…

And what corporate edifice is complete without an soothing, yet inspiring, water feature…

Then just down the stately hallway…

And into my corner office with a view.

This is my office for today, where my planning, concepting and writing will get done. Why? Because I can. And because I can’t help but be inspired by places like this. But I’ve got other offices stashed all over the place. Here are a few…









I feel incredibly blessed to be able to do my work in places like this… or at the house, in a coffee shop or restaurant, at a client’s place of business or anywhere my mood (or necessity) takes me. The ability to work anytime anywhere allows me to do work I enjoy, while doing the things I love doing.

In one emergency scenario, I helped client create a campaign at 12:45 a.m. in the business center at the Coronado Resort hotel in Walt Disney World while on vacation with my family.

I actually tried to avoid the gig (without saying “no”)┬áby quoting an exorbitant fee for the project and insisting I wouldn’t interrupt my family’s vacation and would have to do it after hours, but the client said “that’s no problem.” So I managed to get paid at The Happiest Place on Earth while my family slept off a day of rigorous playtime. I don’t know that it’s possible to beat that.

But I’ll keep trying.