Content Curation: Borrowing Brilliance To Help Your Audience

Content curation is a tremendously useful strategy for coming up with quick, easy, relevant content that will help your audience– if you do it right. You have to stick to quality content that fits with your strategy… the video of the cow on a skateboard might be going viral and could draw traffic… but is it what YOUR audience needs from you?

Check out the content before you share it… don’t just search for blog posts, articles and videos and share something based solely on the title. You want to be a trusted source of good information. Go for quality over quantity. Oh, and be sure to attribute and link to the source.

But don’t take my word for it… here are a few experts. Like the former CEO of DIGG, Matt Williams talking about why:

And here’s Mark Thompson (no relation) on exactly what it is:

And finally, here’s author Steven Rosenbaum giving a presentation on best practices in content curration (that’s how to do it):

I trust you see what I’ve done here? Rather than hash out a long, detailed post about the importance– and the execution– of curated content… I just curated content that did it for me. (Also note that this post still follows the “Why, What How” structure I laid out here.) The fundamentals still apply.

[[[Note: DO NOT PLAGIARIZE someone else and call it “curation.” Curating content lets you summarize existing content, share an engaging graphic or two on your page or post, and link to the actual source material, not copy the source material– with the exception of embedded social video, which is a different thing entirely– directly to your site (whether you take credit for it or not). Just wanted to clarify that.]]]

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